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Docker 安装 PHP

Docker 安装 php 主要有 2 种方法,分别是直接通过 docker 命令安装或通过 Dockerfile 构建。php 相关的 docker 镜像所有版本可以查看镜像库的 php tags,官方地址为

方式一:docker pull php


首先通过 php 关键字查询当前镜像库的所有 php 相关的镜像,使用 docker search 命令,具体示例如下:

knowledgedict@Mac ~ $ docker search php
NAME                            DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
php                             While designed for web development, the PH...   5403      [OK]       
phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin           A web interface for MySQL and MariaDB.          1055                 [OK]
adminer                         Database management in a single PHP file.       434       [OK]       
php-zendserver                  Zend Server - the integrated PHP applicati...   185       [OK]       
webdevops/php-nginx             Nginx with PHP-FPM                              167                  [OK]
webdevops/php-apache-dev        PHP with Apache for Development (eg. with ...   126                  [OK]
webdevops/php-apache            Apache with PHP-FPM (based on webdevops/php)    106                  [OK]
bitnami/php-fpm                 Bitnami PHP-FPM Docker Image                    102                  [OK]
phpunit/phpunit                 PHPUnit is a programmer-oriented testing f...   78                   [OK]
nazarpc/phpmyadmin              phpMyAdmin as Docker container, based on o...   61                   [OK]
circleci/php                    CircleCI images for PHP                         32                   
thecodingmachine/php            General-purpose ultra-configurable PHP images   31                   [OK]
phpipam/phpipam-www             phpIPAM is an open-source web IP address m...   29                   
bitnami/phpmyadmin              Bitnami Docker Image for phpMyAdmin             20                   [OK]
phpdockerio/php72-fpm           PHP 7.2 FPM base container for    20                   [OK]
adrianharabula/php7-with-oci8   Latest PHP 7.1 with apache and Oracle oci8      19                   [OK]
bitnami/phpbb                   Bitnami Docker Image for phpBB                  16                   [OK]
phpdockerio/php7-fpm            PHP 7 FPM base container for      15                   [OK]
arm32v7/php                     While designed for web development, the PH...   14                   
appsvc/php                      Azure App Service php dockerfiles               13                   [OK]
phpdockerio/php73-fpm           PHP 7.3 FPM base container for    12                   
graze/php-alpine                Smallish php7 alpine image with some commo...   12                   [OK]
phpdockerio/php72-cli           PHP 7.2 CLI base container for    4                    [OK]
phpdockerio/php7-cli            PHP 7 CLI base container image for PHPDock...   1                    [OK]
isotopab/php                    Docker PHP                                      1                    [OK]


从镜像库拉取镜像用 docker pull 命令。

knowledgedict@Mac ~ $ docker pull php:zts-alpine3.12
zts-alpine3.12: Pulling from library/php
df20fa9351a1: Pull complete 
b358d6dbbdff: Pull complete 
0232d962484c: Pull complete 
0c1d3ac04d2a: Pull complete 
13a1a3f64247: Pull complete 
6f346c585870: Pull complete 
44a386adb02d: Pull complete 
91777ee01b60: Pull complete 
06340771d918: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:1615f55f74fa81fb0d1adf52fa6c03ece12aa7eff53040689b33ee99301e9a61
Status: Downloaded newer image for php:zts-alpine3.12


knowledgedict@Mac ~ $ docker images php
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
php                 zts-alpine3.12      38551aa61a27        37 hours ago        65.2 MB


运行容器使用 docker run 命令,具体如下:

knowledgedict@Mac ~ $ docker run -itd --name php-demo -p 9000:9000 php:zts-alpine3.12


knowledgedict@Mac ~ $ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
78421b0ee0b9        php:zts-alpine3.12   "docker-php-entryp..."   47 minutes ago      Up 24 seconds>9000/tcp   php-demo